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25mm (1") Ultra Thin Hole Saw Bit For Ceramics & Glass (Wet Use Only)

The Calidad 25mm (1") Ultra Thin Wall Hole Saw Bit is the ultimate solution for precision drilling in delicate and hard materials. Designed for wet use only, this hole saw tackles the challenges of working with ceramics, optical glass, and sheet glass, offering a longer lifespan and faster drilling speeds on sensitive surfaces without compromising the finish.
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An ideal hole saw bit for precision drilling on delicate, hard materials such as ceramics, optical, and sheet glass

Tile, ceramic, and glass drill bits with ultra-thin walls (1mm) deliver a 2x longer life span and faster drilling speed on delicate surfaces. 

These electroplated diamond core drill bits have the thinnest wall of all core drills. The thin wall allows for a more precise cut, a better surface finish, and even less chipping. They are best used on delicate, hard materials such as optical glass, glass tile, sheet glass, thin glass, and thin slices of stone. 

The best solution for hard, delicate surfaces. 

Disclaimer: This bit is designed for Wet Use Only. Please ensure you do not force the bit down too hard as it may break - let it work with adequate pressure.

Glass Tile 

Sheet Glass 

Thin Glass

Thin Stone Slice

Installing Fixtures in Glass Tiles: Ideal for precise, clean holes required for fixtures in glass tiling.


Precision Drilling in Optical Glass: Perfect hole saw bit for applications in optical instruments where accuracy is paramount.


Decorative Work on Sheet Glass: For creating artistic designs or installing decorative elements in sheet glass.


Work on Thin Stone Slices: Suitable for delicate drilling in thin stone materials, ensuring minimal damage.

  • Hole Dimension: 25mm (1")

  • Wall Thickness: Ultra-thin 1mm for precision cutting

  • Material: Vacuum Brazed Diamond Technology for durability and speed

  • Recommended RPM: 3,500 - 4,500 for optimal performance

  • Usage: Wet use only, with lateral opening for improved cooling

  • Additional Features: Diamond coating for enhanced drilling speed, depth marks for precision, and includes a portable plastic storage case

  • Durability: Reinforced for maximum durability and precision ground carbide for clean holes