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25mm (1") Diamond Milling Bit "Le Finger"

The Calidad "Le Finger" 25mm (1") Core Diamond Milling Bit addresses the precise needs of detailed work on hard surfaces without the fear of damage. Its design is tailored for enlarging, shaping, and smoothing existing holes or indentations, making it an invaluable tool for fine-detail projects where precision is paramount.
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A thicker (25mm) version of the robust multi-tool for fine, detailed work. 

Calidad diamond milling bit is a versatile tool designed for detailed work on various hard surfaces, especially for enlarging, opening up, shaping, and rounding existing holes without the risk of cracking the subject. "Le Finger" multi-tool is also suitable for creating round side indentations necessary to accommodate pipes or electric wire lines and is an efficient solution for tidying up corners in an L-shaped cut.


"Le Finger" can mill out edge details on countertops, faucets, shower heads, and backsplashes.

This milling bit is perfect for minor detailing of granite, marble, and tile edges. It enables you to bring your vision to life with intricate detailing quickly.

Disclaimer: Not designed to make holes, but to shape and enlarge existing holes.



Hard Surfaces 

Countertop Fabrication and Repair: "Le Finger" milling bit is exceptionally suited for enlarging holes in countertops made of granite, marble, or engineered stone to fit new faucets, soap dispensers, or additional features. Its 25mm size allows for precise adjustments without damaging the surrounding area, ensuring a perfect fit for the new installations.


Custom Tile Work: for tile installers, creating or expanding holes in ceramic or porcelain tiles for showerheads, pipes, or intricate tile patterns becomes a task of ease. The bit's design minimizes the risk of cracking or chipping, preserving the integrity of the tile while achieving the desired aesthetic.


Plumbing and Electrical Installations: when installing or retrofitting plumbing lines, electrical conduits, or cable management systems within walls covered with hard surfaces, "Le Finger" milling bit can create or enlarge side indentations for a seamless fit. This capability is invaluable in both new constructions and renovation projects, ensuring that installations are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Bthroom and Kitchen Remodeling: in remodeling projects, adjusting or adding features to existing stone or tile work often requires precision. "Le Finger" facilitates the modification of surfaces for new fixtures, appliances, or design elements without the need for complete replacement, saving time and resources while enabling custom designs.


Professional Flooring Installation: flooring professionals can utilize "Le Finger" for detailed work on stone, tile, or terrazzo floors, including the creation of unique designs, borders, or inlays. This tool allows for the precise shaping and fitting necessary for high-end, custom flooring installations.

  • Technology: Vacuum Brazed Diamond for superior performance and durability

  • Compatibility: Fits any standard grinder with a 5/8"-11 thread

  • Material: Wear-resistant, heavy-duty construction

  • Bit Dimension: 25mm (1 inch)

  • Features: Diamond coating for enhanced drilling speed, includes portable plastic storage case

  • Thread: Fitted with flange 5-8"-11 thread

  • Disclaimer: Not intended for creating new holes but for shaping and enlarging existing ones