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10mm (3/8") Diamond Milling Finger Bit "Le Finger"

Unlock unparalleled precision and durability with the Calidad 10mm Core Diamond Milling Finger Bit "Le Finger", your ultimate solution for intricate and detailed work on hard surfaces. This robust multi-tool is specifically designed to tackle the challenges of enlarging, shaping, and detailing with ease, ensuring flawless milling results without compromising the integrity of your materials.
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A universal and robust 10mm diamond milling finger for fine, detailed work. 



Discover a universal and robust multi-tool designed for precise, intricate work across various applications. With its diamond-encrusted core, "Le Finger" milling bit offers unmatched versatility and durability. 

This diamond finger milling bit is designed for detailed work on various hard surfaces, especially for enlarging, opening up, shaping, and/or rounding existing holes without the risk of cracking the subject.

"Le Finger" can mill out edge details on countertops, faucets, shower heads, and backsplashes. A fast solution for cleaning corners of L-shaped cuts. As a result, this Calidad finger milling bit is perfect for minor detailing of granite, marble, and tile edges. 

For all the detailed work. 

Disclaimer: Not designed to make holes but to shape and enlarge existing holes.




Other Hard Surfaces 

Countertop Detailing: Perfect for milling out edge details, ensuring smooth, professional finishes.


Faucet and Shower Head Installation: Ideal for enlarging and shaping holes to fit fixtures precisely.


Backsplash Customization: Allows for intricate detailing and shaping for a customized look.


Corner Cleaning: Quickly cleans corners of L-shaped cuts, saving time and effort.


Pipe and Wire Accommodation: Creates round side indentations to neatly accommodate pipes or electric lines, with specific utility given the 10mm (3/8") size for precise control.

  • Cutting Technology: Employs state-of-the-art Vacuum Brazed Diamond Technology, integrating high-strength diamonds directly into the bit's edge. This innovation ensures outstanding cutting performance, accelerated drilling speed, and enhanced durability.

  • Construction Durability: Crafted for resilience, "Le Finger" is built to withstand extensive wear and tear. Its heavy-duty design is specifically tailored to endure the rigors of continuous use on hard surfaces, ensuring a long service life and consistent performance.

  • Bit Dimensions: Precisely engineered with a diameter of 10mm (approximately 3/8 inch), this dimension is specifically chosen to offer the perfect balance between control and coverage, enabling precise detailing and shaping work on a variety of materials.

  • Grinder Compatibility: Designed with universal compatibility in mind, "Le Finger" seamlessly attaches to most angle grinders, thanks to its standard 5/8"-11 threaded flange.